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Home and Furniture Buying GuideTake a look at this superb Home and Furniture Buying Guide, full of fantastic tips, tricks and information for consumers all across the country. This guide ranges from bedding, mattresses, blinds, tables, mirrors, dinnerware and more!

Finding the right item for your house can sometimes feel like a real challenge, what are the standard dimensions, will it fit, what’s it made from, how do I clean or maintain it, etc. These are all questions we all ask ourselves before making a purchase.

Beds – Which One To Buy?

We spend a large amount of our time asleep in our beds, in fact it’s stated we spend around a third of our lives sleeping! That means a bed is certainly one of the most important home furniture products anybody will purchase.

Wood Bed FramesFrom Metal Bed Frames, Wood Beds, Fabric Bed Frames, Ottoman Beds, Divan Sets and more, our Bed Buying Guide will give you a comprehensive run-down on all of the features and specifications of each item. This will enable you to make an informed and responsible purchasing decision, that should suit your own individual requirements.

Please Click on the link to read our Bed Buying Guide in full.

Mattress Guide – Full and In-Depth

Ever wondered what the difference is between Open Coil Springs and Pocket Springs? Memory Foam, Latex Foam or Reflex Foam? What about mattress density, UK sizes, etc?

Our fantastic Mattress Buying Guide documents all of these features and more!

Purchasing a new mattress can sometimes feel like you’ve entered a different world, there’s lots of industry-specific jargon and words, which mean absolutely nothing to the average consumer.

Our in-depth Mattress feature guide could be an ideal friend which helps you bust the sales talk, and aids you in your quest to finding a lovely mattress for a quality night’s sleep.

Please Click on the link to read our Mattress Buying Guide in full.

How to Choose a New Sofa

Who doesn’t love settling down and watching a good television show, boxset or film! Just like kitchens are the ‘heart’ of the home, our sofa’s must surely come a close second! Just like spending a lot of time in bed, the sofa is an important piece of furniture which we spend the most time relaxing on. After a hard days work, we just want to relax on a lovely and supportive settee. We all have our own preferences of what makes the ideal sofa, from a classic design to a contemporary piece. Equally we all like different finishes from leather to fabric.

Take a look today at our excellent buying guide, the ideal companion to aid in your quest of selecting the perfect combination of style and comfort.
Original Publication: 31 May 2017
Last Updated: 23 June 2017

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